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Tell us about "Life in 3D"!
"This is definitely our biggest achievement so far" says Bosse. "During the recording of the album we felt this was really gonna be something different from hat we’ve done before. At the same time it still has that "Charizma sound" to it".
"I think we've created an original sound, taking elements from rock, 80’s pop, electronica, and a bunch of other styles.
"Lyrically, this has been the toughest album. I think it’s more diverse than earlier albums, we’ve moved into new areas to some extent" says Johan Mauritzson.
Some highlights of “Life in 3D” include the catchy “Waiting (here for you)”, the upbeat acoustic “Everything’s gonna be alright” and the moving melancholic “Thank God”. The song “Mercy” is a powerful devotion to faith with a strong atmosphere ofworship. "With “Life in 3D” we are ready to reach a wider audience that has yet to discover our music!".
"I can’t wait to get out there to do live shows" says drummer Jan Nikolausson. "Charizma is all about the energy and atmosphere in the concerts, where we get to share what God has put in our hearts".

What is your line-up?
Göran Nikolausson Lead Guitar, Background vocals
Johan Mauritzson Lead vocals, Keyboards
Tomas Karlsson Guitars and vocals
Bo Nikolausson Bass, Background vocals
Jan Nikolausson Drums

What does your name mean?
We originally picked the name simply because it sounded cool and we wanted to have charisma, then after a while we realized that it was more to it than a cool name. We want to have Charizma also in a way of being a light in a world that is often pretty dark.

What are your professions? Are you full-time musicians?
Bo Nikolausson / Father of two children and a driving force behind the musical life in our hometown. The most talkative member of Charizma… Will spend hours after the concerts just talking to people.
Jan Nikolausson / Father of two as well! He spends his days working as a conference host and is the guy who takes care of everything everyone else in the band forgets about.
Göran Nikolausson / A devoted teacher for both kids and college students. The spiritual leader of Charizma.
Thomas Karlsson / Right now working with marketing. His prime task in life is to explain the deep mysteries of wailing (you know, that Stevie Wonder kind of vocals), to Bo. A constant source of joy for us all…
Johan Mauritzson / The “know-it-all” who gave up a career in television to have his own graphic design company ( Doesn't need a lot of sleep.

What's your church background?
Our church background is that we come from four different denominations, Pentecostal Church, Swedish Mission Covenant Church, Swedish Alliance Curch and the Faith movement, which is a charismatic Church. To sum this up they are all free churches and they are all supporting us.

Do you have a church standing behind you, supporting you?
Yes, all the congregations we belong to are taking part of our vision. We let them know about our projects and concerts and they pray for us. I guess they see us as their missionaries in a way.

What happens with people, who begin a life with Christ at one of your concerts?
I take it you’re wondering what happens practically… We always try to have one or more local churches involved, taking care of the people. Since we often leave the day after the concert, we won’t be there to answer questions and so on. So, we need to establish a contact between a local church and the person who decided to follow Jesus.
Just to make sure we don’t miss anyone, we also take the addresses of the people who came forward. A week later or so, we send them a letter of encouragement and advice on how they can grow as Christians.
We also give these addresses to the church so they can keep in touch and offer support, prayer and a welcoming congregation. This is something we don’t take lightly. The mission comes with a lot of responsibility.

Do you have regular mailings?
Yes, we have a regular email newsletter, distributed every other month. When you sign up for our mailing list at you also get updates whenever something interesting happens. We have people from all over the world on our list. It would be great to have some more people joining 'cause we're really social and love hearing from anyone listening to our music… :-)

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